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Special Education Transportation

MAPT has been awarded the contract from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to support the state's on-going efforts to create efficiencies in the area of Special Education Transportation. We have dedicated this page to provide information highlighting the work of the Task Force. We encourage to visit for more information.

District Special Education Transportation Reviews

On-site visits/district reviews can be conducted to identify cost savings and maximize efficiencies.


  • Review all contracts and processes used for obtaining transportation services
  • Conduct analysis of in-house operations
  • Review role of personnel in arranging services
  • Explore option of district operated program
  • Conduct analysis of transportation budget and actual route costs
  • Review IEP process as it pertains to transportation
  • Review school committee policies as they relate to transportation services
  • Utilize SpedTransSavings website data to explore potential route share opportunities


The Members of the Massachusetts Special Needs Transportation Task Force, with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, have an abiding commitment to high quality, cost-effective transportation for the Commonwealth’s students with disabilities who require such services. The Task Force has an unmitigated belief that this can be accomplished by creating efficiencies in routing students by utilizing a shared multi-district approach, or participating in regional transportation network systems that have been established across the Commonwealth. Further, the Task Force believes that it is imperative for all school districts to participate in these joint efforts, taking a leadership role in creating greater cost efficiencies while maintaining and supporting the highest quality of service in the area of special needs transportation. By working together, we can best serve all students.


Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents
Massachusetts Association of School Committees
Massachusetts Administrators for Special Education
Massachusetts Association of 766 Approved Private Schools
Massachusetts Organization of Educational Collaboratives
Massachusetts Association of School Business Officials
Massachusetts Association of Pupil Transportation
Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education